Friday, 23 September 2016

Saint Pius padlet

Grandparent poem.

This is my grandparent poem.

No one knows him better than me
Always showing love towards me and my brothers and sister
Inspired me to follow the right footsteps
Someone special in my life
Always encourage me to do whats right for my family

Typing Speed Test.

Today I got 157 (31).But On Monday I got 159(32).So I hope I get better at typing in the holidays.


Today I got 47/66.But on Monday I got 57/66.So I hope I get better in the holidays.

Basic facts.

Today I can see that I need to practise my knowledge of Groupings within 100,Addition to 20,Subtraction to 20 and Division 2,5,10.But on Monday I got 57/60.So I hope to get better in the holidays.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Typing Speed Test

Today I got 186 (37).But on Monday I got 163 (33).So this is my highest score.Now next time I will try to get a sore higher than 186 (37).


Today I got 54/66.On Monday I got 49/66.So next time I will try and get a score higher than 54.