Wednesday, 12 September 2018


September 12 2018
Volume and Capacity

Ice Cream Bowl
4 - 2400ml  
3 ¼    
Crayon Container
5 ½ - 3300
5 ½
Lunch Box
3 ½ - 2100
3 ¼
Cooking Bowl
6 - 3600
5 ½

Friday, 7 September 2018

100 words challenge

100 words challenge
Friday 7 September 2018
Prompt:”He shoots, he scores, the crowd goes wild.”

We were at Barcelona's game against Real Madrid at Camp nou stadium, I was in the
front row seat.
I was watching Neymar and Messi warm up.
Then FC Barcelona went into the locker rooms and then
FC Barcelona and Real Madrid came walking onto the field with Messi in the front of
the Barcelona team and Sergio Ramos in front of the Real Madrid team.
Then they started and then on the twentieth minute Casimero scored and Gareth Bale
scored and then Rakitic scored but then it was 2-2 so then they went to overtime and
Neymar had the ball and he kicked the ball to
Messi and he shoots, he scores the crowd goes wild, "GOALLLLLLLLLL!" says the commentators and then Messi celebrates with taking his shirt off.

Rugby Report

Friday 7 September 2018

Rugby Report
On Wednesday we went to varsity for a rugby tournament and first we versed The Barbarians(Pt England) and it was a close
game but we lost by one point because this boy named Terry scored the winning try. Then we were about to verse Bailey Road and I thought we were going to win because Bailey road looked small and then two big guys came on the field and I didn’t know if we were going to lose or win. Then we played and Macky was arguing with one of the Bailey Road Students and we lost.

After playing against bailey Road we played against Glen Innes
Primary school and we lost. Then we played against Panmure
Bridge and we lost because everyone was tired like people
who just ran a marathon. After that it was our last game
and we were playing against Pt England and I knew that
we were going to lose but when we played against them they
were going easy and then a boy with a man bun scored and
some others scored but we didn’t score so we lost.

But t the end of the day I felt exhausted because we lost
all our games but I felt happy at the time time because I
got to play my favourite sport.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Fractions Understanding

Learn:I am learning to show or explain which fraction is larger.

Friday, 24 August 2018

100 words challenge

Narrative Writing
100 words challenge
Thursday 24 August 2018
Prompt:Why wouldn’t I do that?

I went to Walmart and I saw CJ SO COOL with lots of school supplies
in the trolley so I shouted HI I got my mums phone and ran to him and
asked him if I can take a photo and he said yeah sure and the  when I put
my hand into my pocket I felt a sharpie I was going to ask him for an
autograph but I didn’t I was to scared then I saw Leonidas,Karnation,Juliyah
and Camari so I went to them and said hi then asked Leon to take a photo
and he said yes so I took a photo with him and said bye to them but the
I started thinking why wouldn’t I do that I should have asked for his autograph.

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